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Message From The Founders Of Cold Crowns

Updated: Apr 12

Cold Crowns: The Beginning of a New Era for Cancer Patients

In the battle against cancer, every individual's journey is marked by incredible resilience and unwavering determination. At Cold Crowns, we recognize the profound emotional and physical toll that chemotherapy can have, particularly when it comes to the traumatic loss of hair.

Three women supporting friend going through cancer while cold capping

Cold Crowns' journey began with a shared vision and heartfelt commitment to improving the quality of life for cancer patients. Drawing from our knowledge and extensive experience in the field of oncology and fashion design, we have had the opportunity to make available, a method that has been proven to be successful in retaining hair and decreasing hair loss during chemotherapy. Not only are patients given the option to preserve a sense of self during their challenging time, they are also met with a team of knowledgable professionals to help support them through their cancer journey. 

Cold Crowns is developed to embody the spirit of resilience, empathy and unwavering support. Every cancer journey is unique, and we are here to walk with you every step of the way. Allow us to be the beacon of positivity and hope for you and your loved ones. Join us in embracing hope, innovation and the power to preserve your identity, one strand at a time. 

All our love,

Ashley Joyes & P.A. Belore


The co-founders of Cold Crowns

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