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Learn more about Cold Crowns and the Co-Founders passion to make cold capping accessible to everyone in Canada!

About Us

Over the years, research has shown that the risk of hair loss or chemotherapy-induced alopecia is reported as one of the most distressing side effects related to chemotherapy. Individuals report experiencing negative psychosocial well being and quality of life as a result of the anxiety, altered body image and social withdrawal due to hair loss. At Cold Crowns, we strive to support and empower individuals going through chemotherapy by offering the option of Cold Capping.  

Cold Capping is the process of manually cooling the scalp to decrease the amount of chemotherapy absorbed into the hair follicles. This decreases the amount of damage, resulting in less hair loss. 

Cold Crowns is founded by two Ontario women; an oncology nurse and a clothing designer. With the extensive knowledge of these two experts, Cold Crowns is able to provide a service that caters to the oncology client through first hand experience, while also ensuring that the caps are designed to be as user friendly and comfortable as possible. You can be confident that by choosing Cold Crowns, you are choosing a team of women that will guide and support you from start to finish of your chemotherapy journey!

Four women standing together supporting one another as they embark on a cold capping journey to save their hair.

Meet the Team

Meet the powerhouse duo behind Cold Crowns.

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