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Discover the history, explore statistics, and learn about current research on Cold Capping.  

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History of Cold Capping

Cold Capping therapy for chemotherapy-induced hair loss/alopecia was first developed in the UK in 1997 by Paxman©. In 2015, the FDA approved the use of mechanical cold capping machines in North America. With over 20+ years of use and research, cold capping is now widely used in many countries worldwide. Unfortunately, in Canada, cold capping therapy is still limited due to accessibility and availability of the mechanical machines. 
Cold Crowns aims to change that by offering manual cold capping in Canada. Manual cold capping mimics the process of mechanical cold capping but is done by the patient themselves with the help of their caregiver. This offers patients the choice of cold capping without being constrained by the limited accessibility and availability in Canada. 

Coming Soon...

We are dedicated to staying up to date and well informed about the latest developments of cold capping. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on cold capping statistics and research. 

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